Spanish II, Spanish III and Spanish IV

Learning a foreign language can be both an exciting and rewarding experience. Spanish is the second most used language in international communication.


To be successful in Spanish class, you must study, do your work, and actively participate in class.  It is necessary to keep up with your work, pay attention, and practice the language everyday. Grades are based on the following:


Tests and Projects:      40%                                 Quizzes:                      30%

Homework                  15%                                Participation                15%


You will have a test after every chapter.

You will have homework three or four times per week.  If you do not understand something, you need to come for help after school or in the morning before classes. Do not tell me that you did not do your work because you did not understand! 


You need to participate in class everyday.  This includes completing all work, answering questions, paying attention in class when others are speaking, and doing your best. This also means making an effort to speak Spanish, not English. 

I do not accept late work unless you were absent.

You are responsible for work that you have missed when you are absent.  You must ask for any make-up work that was given while you were out. It must be completed within three days to one week. If not, it is a zero.  If you miss a test, you may make it up within three days. If the test was announced before your absence, you will need to take it the day you get back. 



Speak as much Spanish as possible.

You may only drink water.  No food is allowed.

Come prepared with all necessary materials.

Listen and follow directions the first time.

Leave the class cleaner than you found it.

Cell phones turned off and in book bag



Verbal warning

30 minutes detention in classroom after school


Cell phone – referral


Materials needed

Always bring your book.

Three ring binder


Dry erase markers

Pencils and pens

Sock or cloth for erasing

Tootsie roll pops or Jolly Rancher suckers(optional)


Please sign below to indicate that you have read and understand the  rules and policies in this classroom.



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