Registration 2019-2020

Registration for 2019-2020

This is an exciting and important time to make course selections that will help students reach their goals for a career, military, or post-secondary education.  Please review the resources below to help guide your selections.

Students have been receiving resources and guidance in homerooms and their English or Social Studies classes and will be receiving additional information over the next two weeks.  There are several resources in their class of 2020, 2021, or 2022 google classroom, including their 4-year plan.

Registration Timeline for Students (Rising 10th - 12th)

Sign Up for a Counseling Advisement Appointment:  March 6th and 7th

Student Registration Instructions:  Loading Course Selections into Powerschool  

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements with a Concentration worksheet

Buncombe County Schools Curriculum Guide:  Course Descriptions and much more

Career and Technical Requirements and Information

CTE Clusters 2018 and beyond  (if student entered high school in 2018 or after)

CTE Clusters 2012-2017 (started 9th grade during these years)

CTE Honors Brochure

CTE Course Descriptions

CTE Video

Informational Powerpoints

Open House Powerpoint

Transition from 9th to 10th Grade Powerpoint

Course Applications - Due by 3/15/2019  

Senior Leave Form Class of 2020

Yearbook Staff Application

Early Childhood Education Application

Nursing Fundamentals Application

Communications / GF Media Application

AB-Tech CCP Application

      Directions to sign up for an AB-Tech CCP Course

Advanced Placement Courses:  Application Process

Prior to completing AP Course applications, please have with you:  

  1. Your academic information (GPA, test scores, prior course grades)
  2. Parent email / contact information

Advanced Placement Course Information

      AP Course Applications

Course Specific Information and Course Videos

JROTC Opportunities Brochure

Yearbook Video

Journalism / Communications GF Media Video

AP Government Video

Literature and the Environment Video

Distance Learning Options:

NCVPS Classes

NCVPS Catalog

3.0 min GPA

Only select classes that are not offered at TCR.

AB-Tech Community College Career and College Promise (CCP)

  • We have an AB-Tech advisor at TCR from 10 - 12:30 every Wednesday in counseling
  • CCP classes are tuition free, but most require the purchase of a textbook
  • CCP classes on the transfer pathway receive 1 weighted GPA point (same as AP courses)
  • CCP classes on the technical pathway may receive .5 (honors weight) in some instances  

ABT Career and College Promise Website

AB-Tech Jump Start Brochure  - summer face to face ABT classes

Master List of CCP Courses by Pathway

AB-Tech Liaison Video

There are several options for AB Tech Courses as an 11th or 12th grade student at TC Roberson.  Criminal Justice (CJC) and Fire Protection (FIP) are offered at TCR, while other AB Tech courses are offered at AB Tech's campus or online.  Please note that different AB Tech courses may have different pre-requisites, required GPA, and/or Test Scores to qualify.

To Register / Apply for an AB Tech course:

1 - Go to the link for "BCS Distance Learning - AB Tech Course Registration Summary" below and review the requirements for completing the application.  

2 - Once you have gathered the required information, Click on the link for the AB Tech Application and make sure to complete it in one sitting (no save option)

3 - Once completed, you should receive an emailed copy of the application. Print this application,  sign it, and make sure to attach the physical copy to your registration card.

AB-Tech CCP Application

    Directions on signing up for a CCP course  

Rising 9th Grade Information

Rising 9th Grade Packet of Information for the Class of 2023

Rising 9th Grade Powerpoint

Opportunities for Rigor: Class of 2023

Rising 9th grade Timeline and New Enrollment Interest Session Dates

Credit By Demonstrated Mastery

Credit by Demonstrated Mastery application and information