Prom Information

Prom Conduct and Dress Code

Prom is a formal event and evening attire is expected for all individuals attending the Prom.  To ensure everyone will have an enjoyable experience, students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and all school rules apply. The following is the TC Roberson High School dress code to be followed when selecting appropriate prom attire.  

Students in grades 10-12 may attend Prom. Students in 9th grade may not attend prom.  

Appropriate attire for prom is either a formal dress or a tuxedo.

  • Dresses and tops should have no excessive cleavage or midriff.  Strapless gowns are acceptable.
  • Slits should not extend above fingertips when the arms are parallel to sides.
  • Lengths of skirts and/or dresses should meet the fingertip rule as stated above.
  • For students who choose not to wear a tuxedo, you will be allowed to wear a suit with a coordinating dress shirt and tie or a sport coat, a coordinating dress shirt and tie, matching or coordinating full-length dress slacks.
  • Jeans are not acceptable attire.
  • Appropriate formal hats are permitted.  Ball caps will not be permitted.
  • Tennis shoes and flip flops are not considered acceptable footwear.

Students in grades 10-12 may attend Prom. Students in 9th grade may not attend prom. Prom guests must be approved by TCR administration prior to ticket purchase.   

At the time of ticket purchase, all attendees will be asked to sign a form acknowledging their understanding and that of their guest of the conduct and dress code requirements.  Please understand that a student whose attire is inappropriate and does not follow the Prom dress code will not be allowed to enter the Prom. We do not want to turn anyone away, so if you have any doubt as to whether your choice of attire will comply with the dress code, please consult with the school principal for approval prior to ticket purchase.  Any student who may need to deviate from the specific dress requirements may speak to an administrator individually for approval. Students that have major disciplinary infractions and/or have been assigned OSS may not attend Prom.

We want EVERYONE to have a great time at the Prom!