Freshman Schedule

Freshman Academy students take four year-long classes in the Academy and two elective classes per semester.

Year-long classes meet every other day on an A day/B day schedule. Elective courses and Physical Education courses meet each day for one semester.

All Academy courses will meet on either the first or second floor of the Academy. 
Courses labeled (A) meet on A days. Courses labeled (B) meet on B days.

All electives are labeled (A-B) because they meet each day of the semester.

First semester electives are indicated by S1 and begin in August. Second semester electives are indicated by S2 and begin in January.  
If courses are downstairs       If courses are upstairs 

1st Period = 1(A) or 1(B)  

2nd Period = 2(A) or 2(B) 
3rd Period = 3(A-B) S1 or S2 
4th Period = 4(A-B) S1 or S2 
1st Period = 1(A-B) S1 or S2 
2nd Period = 2(A-B) S1 or S2
3rd Period = 3(A) or 3 (B)
4th Period = 4(A) or 4 (B)