Cast List

Shrek Cast List - First Read through - January 22 - Rehearsal Schedules next week.

Shrek Nathan Meyer

Fiona Katie Stevens

Donkey Zion Morgan

Farquaad Jared Wise

Pinocchio Trevor Hagan

Dragon Anaiya Adwaters

Mama Orge Sophie Smith

Papa Orge Harrison Best  

Young Fiona Samantha Kanipe

Teen Fiona Kathleen Kennerly

Fiona Bride Double Avery Stratten

Fiona Ogress Double Ciara Burnette

King Harold Matthew Moore

Queen Lillian Anaiya Adwaters

White Rabbit Maddy Churchill

Fairy Godmother Bethany Miller

Peter Pan Max Kappalman

Ugly Duckling Kathleen Kennedy

Sugar Plum Fairy Madison Bode

Gingy Madison Bode

3 Little Pigs Jamie Derrig,  Jack Anderson,  Sophie Smith

Mama Bear Sophie Lewis

Papa Bear Bailey Smith

Baby Bear Abby Stewart

Wolf Will Cowan

Humpty Dumpty Alex Traynham

Wicked Witch Emma Kent

Mad Hatter Kaegan Parks

Elf Emma-Leigh Brookshire

3 Blind Mice Madison Bode,  Kathleen Kennerly,  Alex Traynham

Captain of the Guard Andaluna Malki

Thelonius Harrison Best

Greeter Teacher Feature

Blue bird Madison Bode

Pied Piper Will Cowan

Bishop Harrison Best

Grumpy Samantha Kanipe

Farquaad’s Guards Liam Cheng, Keith Chrisman, Matthew Lowman,   Andaluna Malki, Matthew Moore

Rat Tappers Anaiya Adwaters, Madison Bode, Kathleen Kennerly Liza Shropshire, Abby Stewart, Alex Traynham

Duloc Performers: Jack Anderson, Emma Leigh Brookshire, Maddy

Churchill, Emma Kent, Matthew Moore, Kaegan Parks

Head Duloc: Abby Stewart

Duloc Tappers Anaiya Adwaters, Madison Bode, Will Cowan, Trevor Hagan, Kathleen Kennerly, Liza Shropshire, Abby Stewart, Alex Traynham,

Knights Madi Alexander, Ciara Burnette, Ashley Dowdney, Terra Serena, Avery Stratten,Taylor Wiggins

Wedding Choir Madi Alexander, Ciara Burnette, Keith Christman, Lauren DeCarle, Regan Densmore, Ashley Dowdney,   Max Kappalman, Matthew Lowman, Kairi Sedman, Terra Sereno,  Taylor Wiggins

Happy People/Mob/* Madi Alexander, Lauren DeCarle, Regan Densmore,

Ashley Dowdney, Kairi Sedman, Terra Sereno, Avery

Stratten,Taylor Wiggins

Shrek Understudy Harrison Best

Fiona Understudy Madison Bode

Donkey Understudy Will Cowan

Farquaad Understudy Will Cowan