Student Government

Student Council

The students and staff of TC Roberson High School are committed to the principle of student government and acknowledge the value of granting students considerable autonomy in the governance of their affairs as means by which strong character is developed and nurtured. 

Student Council promotes leadership, self-confidence, and self-reliance. It is a privilege, not a right, and teaches students important lessons regarding the proper balance of freedom, privilege, and responsibility.

The purpose of this organization is to be the centralized student government of TCR High School which addresses student concerns and forms activities for student involvement. TCR Student Council will:

a. organize school activities and events to promote school spirit and pride.

b. provide service to the school and community while striving to develop and improve 

    relationships between the students, the faculty, the administration and the community.

c. act as positive role models and work to develop and encourage leadership throughout the 


d. represent the rights of the student body of TC Roberson High School.

The officers from each class for the 2014-15 school year are:
 Student Body Officers
President: James Mauney
Vice-President: Casey DeMarco
Secretary: Daniel Yang
Treasurer:  Nathaniel Higgins
 Senior Class
President: Anastasia Soule
Vice-President: Pooja Patel
Secretary: Kayla Ollendorff
Treasurer:  Alex Swaney
Junior Class
President: David Fine
Vice-President: Claudia Patton
Secretary:  Stephanie Franks
Treasurer: Destiny Plemmons
Sophomore Class
President:  Camryn Jansen
Vice-President:  Tedi Rollins
Secretary: Carolyn Hardy
Treasurer:  Mary Laci Motley
Freshman Class
Vice President:
SIT Representative