Mock Trial Team

  • A competition team of student attorneys who work with witnesses to present a case to judge and jury
  • New case  is out in September.  Please go online to NC Mock Trial site and log onto the Mock Trial case to review.

First meeting and auditions will be determined at a later date. 

Communication:    If you have any questions, please email Kaye Lemons at or Elizabeth Ford at

For Practice: 

  • Create a small sketch of each witness.  You need to be able visualize what the person would look like and what setting they were in as they gained information about the case.  These can be small sketches (index card size).  Artisitic ability doesn't matter... just think about the important characteristics of the witness.
  • Read the part of the lawyers and witnesses.  One of the teacher sponsors and an upperclassmen will be questioning you.  You will play the witness, they (teacher/upperclassmen) will play the attorney.
Previous Practices
  • Reviewed each witness determining both pros and cons to them as a witness
  • Team of 3 prepare your own video presentation example of common trial objections