Trophy of Awesome!

We in the Media Center decided there was so much awesomeness going around our school that we wanted to let others know how awesome TCR students and teachers really are! There is only one criteria to win the trophy: doing something AWESOME!  Check out our past winners and the next winner could be you!
Awesome? Oh yeah!  
Mrs. Iglesias not only dedicates herself to her students daily, she also heads up the Academic Awards Program to recognize great students and manages ALL of the school's calculators!  Way to be awesome!!
Bask in the awesomeness!  
Mr. Ferguson is so awesome, let me count the ways! Aside from being such a thoughtful teacher in the classroom, he even takes care of his students on the way to his classroom! This awesome fellow shoveled all snow and ice off the sidewalks outside of the Freshman Academy so his dear students could make it to class safely!
Does she like it awesome? Yes she does!  
Mrs. Dixon is a tireless teacher who takes so much of her own time and dedicates it to her students.  Whether it's taking them overseas or meeting them at a café for extra tutoring, Mrs. Dixon take the word AWESOME to the next level! 
Here's another recipient whose awesomeness is so immense it's hard to put into words! If you've ever wondered why our school cafeteria is a cut above any other school cafeteria you've ever visited, Geni is the reason.  Not only does she personally make sure quality food is being prepared daily, she has baked cookies out of the goodness of her heart for every past winner of the trophy of awesomeness!
No, you can't take the trophy with you to California!  
Now the trophy comes back full circle! As we say goodbye to our absolutely amazing media assistant Sam Clausen, we reflect on all the awesomeness she has brought to the Media Center and to Roberson at large.  Anyone will tell you that she embodies awesomeness in every way possible.  She can handle any business you throw at her while also helping to make your bad day brighter.  How does she do it?  She's more awesome than most, that's how.
Truly awesome!  
 Mrs. Tommey is all about working hard to make things happen in an awesome way! She organized all the CTE online exams to happen in one day and made it look easy! Anyone will tell you that this was no easy task and definitely worthy of recognition. We appreciate ALL Mrs. Tommey does to make TC such an awesome place!