Data Board

TCR Media Center Data Board 

April in the Media Center

Circulation- 6435

Classes served- 56

Meetings/Workshops- 26

Average # of Students Before School- 104

Average # of Students During the Day- 343

(not including class visit)

Study Smart Period- 93

Average # of Students After School- 79


The Library Media Center Serves:
1,522 Students
1 Principal
4 Assistant Principals
4 Counselors
2 Media Coordinators
1Media Assistant
90 Teachers
1 Nurse
3 Teacher Assistants
7 Support Staff
3Tech Associates
Also PEPFaculty/Staff
The Library Media Center Houses:
19,240 Books
4,996 Fiction
398 Graphic Novels
11,270 Supp. Books
1,232 Videos/DVDs
176 Audio-Video Equipment
538 New Books added this year
Average Age of Collection =2000


 Media Coordinators are responsible for:
  • Media Center Collection and Inventory
  • Information Instruction
  • Fixed Assets (FAIS) Management
  • Annual Book Fair
  • Staff Development Training
  • Library science students
  • End of Year Reports
  • Collaboration with teachers
  • Media Center Website
Media Coordinators also serve the school through:
  • 1 representative on School Improvement Team
  • Chair and members of the Media and Technology Committee
  • Support of Senior Projects
  • School Website Administration
  • iNovell Computer Administrator
  • Google Apps Email Administrator
  • Annual Media and Technology Report
  • Graduation Project Equipment Coordinating

Average Copyright Date of Collection:

Why School Library Media Center Is Important:
The articles below offer scientific data that supports the importance of a school library media center.