Graduation Project

North Carolina Graduation Project

AKA: Senior Project

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The North Carolina Graduation Project (formerly called the Senior Project) is a course requirement of English IV.  The first goal of the Senior Project is to validate that TC Roberson High School students have acquired the skills, knowledge, and concepts necessary to perform well when they leave high school.  Another goal of the Senior Project is to provide students with the opportunity to pursue interesting and meaningful work using the skills and maturity gained during their high school experience.
The North Carolina Graduation Project is intended to be a challenge and requires each student’s very best effort.  Fortunately, students have the support of several key people: a mentor who will meet with the student frequently to track progress on the North Carolina Graduation Project and provide support and feedback; an expert in the field who will observe and verify all steps of the practical experience, the English teacher who will provide guidance, feedback, deadlines, and grades; the Library Media Coordinators who will assist students in gathering the necessary sources for the research paper and help guide the student through the process; and finally, the panel of judges who will provide a receptive audience for the project and give an evaluation that will count toward the student’s final grade.
The North Carolina Graduation Project has four components.
Each student will demonstrate mastery of his/her topic through the four components of the Senior Project:


The content of the essay should show that the student is able to analyze, apply, and synthesize what he or she has learned through researching his/her topic.

The essay should be five to eight pages in length, with a minimum of five sources, including at least one primary source. Students are to limit their use of encyclopedias and other general-information references to no more than one resource. Resources from the Internet should be limited to no more than two.

For purposes of documentation, students should use the MLA Handbook with in-text citations and technological (the Internet, for example) referencing. The final draft of the essay should include an outline and a page for works cited. The text should be double-spaced, 12-point font.


The product should be an appropriate outgrowth or extension of the research. Expenditures will not enhance the evaluation of the product. Students should plan a minimum of fifteen hours to complete the product.  Many students spend significantly more time. The product can take many forms such as:
  • The performance of a skill (example: learn and play a musical instrument)
  • The production of a project (example: design and build a piece of furniture)
  • Learning about a profession (example: intern at an insurance office documented by a journal, scrapbook, etc.)


At the end of the semester, the student will make an eight-to-ten minute presentation to a board of community members, followed by a five-minute question-and-answer session.


As students progress through the project, they will be required to compile a project notebook, or portfolio.

This notebook contains documentation of the project throughout the semester.

Students who do not complete every phase of the North Carolina Graduation Project will not graduate.