T. C. Roberson High School

Team Sport Policies


    1. Lift-a-thon:  Every student will be required to participate completely in our fundraiser.  This is the only source of funding for our weight classes at Roberson.  All weight classes depend on this to maintain our weight facilities.


    2. Tardies to class will be handled uniformly by the department.   Students will be given 5 minutes after starting time to be dressed and in gym ready to participate(1 extra minute will be given to lace up braces).  Ten to fifteen minutes will be given at end of class.    The first two tardies are at the teacher’s discretion.  Beginning on the third tardy, the teacher will refer to appropriate administrator.


    3. Dressing Out:  is mandatory!  Non-dress outs will result in a deduction of 6 points (1st offense); 8 points (2nd offense); 9 points (3rd offense); 10 points (4th offense and thereafter).  The cost of the uniform is $18 ($9 for shirt, $9 for shorts).  The uniform will be worn everyday.  You must wear athletic shoes.  It will be considered a non-dress out day if athletic shoes are not worn.  If you do not have your uniform, you may wear your own t-shirt and shorts, but you will lose two points for each article of clothing.  However, those points may be made up by running that number of laps.


    4. Participation- Mandatory for all students.  Lack of participation will result in loss of points.  Students will not be repeatedly asked to participate.  If lack of participation continues an office referral will be issued.


    5. Care of the weight room-weights will be picked up at the end of class.  The stereo room is for teachers only.


    6. Classroom instruction:  3-4 days per week students will be involved in lifting weights and conditioning.  One to two days a week will involve team play.


    7. Grading:  An average of the three six weeks plus the exam(25%), if not exempt, will be the students final grade.


    8. If for medical reasons, a student can not participate, a doctor/trainer’s note will be required.  If no note, then the student will lose points.


    9. Each student will be responsible for their own belongings.  Teachers will lock dressing room daily.  Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, things are still occasionally stolen.   We ask students to avoid bringing money, jewelry, phones, ipods, or other things of value with them, but if they do, they should lock them in a locker.  Phones or ipods will not be allowed during class.


    10. Profanity:  will not be tolerated.   Consequences are push-ups or office referral.


    11. Hazing/Horseplay will not be tolerated.


    12. If you have any questions, please call the school (654-1765).


    13. Please notify us of any specific allergies or special medical problems.









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